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Organizational Culture
Cultivating environments optimized for reciprocity & belonging to ensure greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) in Denver & Throughout Colorado

At NewSummit, a culture of reciprocity and belonging establishes the vision and foundation of the work we do to support our clients & partners. These principles create dynamic, 21st-century workplaces that empower employees, inspire leadership, and transform organizational culture into more productive environments. Our approach is designed to bring people together in mutually supportive relationships that lessen divides and foster more fulfilling and cohesive organizations. Explore our cultural development programs below for greater employee and company success.

Organizational Culture Development Programs

Organizational Culture & DEI | Denver, CO |  NewSummit - certifications

Government and Corporate Offerings

Create a more productive work environment designed to support every employee with authentic engagement.

  • DEI Programs and Services
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Change Management Support
  • Executive Coaching
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Organizational Culture & DEI | Denver, CO |  NewSummit - training

K-12 District and School Offering

Empower your students, teachers, and community with our district and school development resources.

  • Keynote Addresses
  • District Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Support
  • Transformation of Student Culture
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Organizational Culture & DEI | Denver, CO |  NewSummit - Gears(1)

Organizational DEI Analysis

Outline the strengths and challenges of your organization to align with DEI goals for a stronger workforce.

  • DEI Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Diversity Growth Solutions
  • Action Plans for DEI Implementation
  • Develop a DEI Project Team
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