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DiSC® Training
Equip your team to understand the DiSC® model for improved communication, self-awareness, and productivity.

Strengthen Employee Communication in Denver & Throughout Colorado

One of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of day-to-day business operations is internal miscommunication. Whether you’re a business that hires locally or a national operation with top talent from across the country, your employees come from different backgrounds and bring their own unique work styles and methods of communication to the workplace. Unless you have the right tools and training in place to navigate these differences, your employees will continually struggle to communicate effectively, work cohesively, and accomplish organizational goals. 

Let NewSummit help you surmount these productivity issues and build a strong operational framework for communication with DiSC® training. You may be familiar with the DiSC® assessment, but do you and your employees understand how to implement DiSC® as a tool for collaboration? Use this training to learn about DiSC® assessment interpretation and discover how DiSC® can help your employees work more effectively with each other.


Apply DiSC® Profile Knowledge with Confidence

Teaching employees about DiSC® personality profiles increases their understanding of themselves and their coworkers. But an introduction to the profiles and a DiSC® assessment is only the first step. To make this knowledge a more effective and sustainable element of your organization, your employees need DiSC® training. 

DiSC® training adds meaning, depth, and usability to the results of a DiSC® personality test. This training provides participants with the opportunity to apply interpersonal skills, problem-solving techniques, and communication strategies to their daily work. Employees can learn about their communication styles and explore methods for approaching different personality types in a variety of scenarios. 

DiSC® is a valuable tool for employees and managers alike in a variety of situations and across every level of an organization—make the most of it with the support of DiSC® training. Contact NewSummit today to learn more about how DiSC® training can benefit your company.

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Your Questions Answered

How is DiSC® training different from DiSC® assessment?
DiSC® training goes hand in hand with DiSC® assessments. While you aren’t required to use one with the other, DiSC® training is designed to help DiSC® users understand their profiles and learn how to effectively apply the information gained from their assessments within the workplace. Contact NewSummit today to learn more.
Do you offer DiSC® certification?
Yes! DiSC® certification equips leaders and HR professionals with the ability to implement DiSC® in their organizations with confidence and deeper comprehension. Certification is not necessary for a company to bring DiSC® training into their workplace, but it does provide the company with a qualified credential and further specialized training. Reach out to NewSummit today to learn more.
Where can I apply DiSC® training in my organization?
DiSC® is a long-standing and well-researched tool for communication, and it can enhance many aspects of your organization. From improving project teamwork to streamlining hiring processes, DiSC® can benefit everyone in your company, including sales departments, managers, teams, and beyond. Get in touch with NewSummit today to find out how DiSC® training can help your company.