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DiSC Sales Assessment
Help your sales team build trust and develop stronger, more adaptive customer relationships.

Sales Team Development

Everything DiSC® Sales is a classroom training and personalized learning experience designed to help salespeople successfully create customer-centric interactions that improve results. This application teaches participants to stretch beyond their natural Sales style to more effectively adapt to their customers’ preferences and expectations—regardless of the customer’s unique buying style. The experience is sales-specific with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help salespeople become more effective.

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile focuses on:

  • Understanding your DiSC® style
  • Recognizing and understanding customer buying styles
  • Adapting your sales style to your customer’s buying style
  • How to adapt DiSC style to meet the customer’s needs

Provide More Adaptive Customer Service

DiSC Sales Team Development | NewSummit Leadership - DiSCSales

Equip your sales team to adaptively respond in real time to customers’ expectations and preferences. The Everything DiSC Sales Profile helps participants better understand themselves, their customers, and their relationships. 

In this 23-page profile, participants explore their own sales style and how their strengths and challenges influence their selling behaviors. They’ll also learn to recognize the behaviors unique to each buying style and gain strategies to adapt their sales style to meet the needs of their customers, improving their effectiveness and success. 

By understanding their natural behaviors, personal strengths and weaknesses, and general tendencies, Everything DiSC® Sales can help your customer-facing team members provide dynamic customer service. With deeper personal knowledge and insight into seller and buyer behavior, your staff can become more effective and see greater results.

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Your Questions Answered

What can the DiSC Sales assessment help my company achieve?

As a specialized development tool, DiSC Sales can help you accomplish a variety of targeted sales staff goals, including:

  • Customer service training 
  • Individual professional development 
  • Thorough sales training
  • Consistency & accuracy with results

Contact NewSummit to learn more about sales team development options.

What does the DiSC Sales assessment process look like?

The Sales assessment process consists of four parts:

  1. An assessment
  2. A comprehensive profile report
  3. An optional classroom experience
  4. Follow-Up Tools 

Reach out to NewSummit today to learn more about this process and how it can be customized to suit your needs and training style.

Does NewSummit offer tools to support DiSC Sales development?
Yes, training with NewSummit includes access to a suite of Follow-Up Tools, including MyEverythingDiSC, Comparison Reports, Team View, and Group Culture Report. Get in touch with NewSummit today to learn more about these resources.