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Job Fit and Pre-Hire
Save time, money, and effort by using top-quality hiring assessments to evaluate and identify the best candidates for your organization.

Job Fit Assessments and Pre-Hire Tools for Companies in Denver & Throughout Colorado

Making smart hiring decisions is crucial to the success of your teams and your organization’s goals but the hiring process can often be expensive and time-consuming. When it's time to hire, make the right employee selections with the help of PXT® Select and Step One Survey. These tools are designed to save your company time and money by helping you identify candidates who match your company’s values and align with performance goals. With help from NewSummit, you’ll be able to gain key insights about how candidates will mesh with your current team and overall company culture. Get started with better hiring decisions today.


Pre-Hire Assessments & Tools | Workforce Assessments |  Denver, CO - PXTSelect(1)

PXT® Select

Learn employee behavioral traits to determine their strongest fit and avoid the need for future performance intervention. 

  • Establish hiring benchmarks
  • Assess & improve performance
  • Identify talent gaps
  • Leverage employee strengths
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Pre-Hire Assessments & Tools | Workforce Assessments |  Denver, CO - Step1Survey

Step One Survey

Assess the ethics, situational morality, and work habits of job candidates with this psychological tool. 

  • Measure work-related values
  • Assess work ethic, reliability, & integrity
  • Reduce hiring risks
  • Learn about past employment
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