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Management Training
Solve your biggest organizational challenges and day-to-day struggles with dynamic leadership development tools.

Management Training Programs

The success of your company depends on the competencies and capabilities of your leadership team—this includes front-line managers and supervisors. But the path to management positions is not consistent or universal. Many managers end up leading teams without the right knowledge and skills to direct employees, accomplish goals, and run cohesive groups. 

NewSummit offers comprehensive Management Training to overcome these issues, with solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. We train supervisors in the craft of management to help them actualize their potential and develop their leadership talents. Start improving productivity and increasing employee engagement today with Management Training from NewSummit.


Take Your Leaders & Teams to Greater Summits

Management Training Programs | Leadership Development - Management

Without the right tools and managerial training, your teams will suffer greater dysfunction and hold your company back from making true strides in your industry. Our Management program implementation process is focused on taking meaningful steps toward real leadership development. 

Initially, we work with company leadership to develop best-practice management competencies—a combination of proven methodologies and client-specific criteria to tailor the program. Then, an orientation session is held to introduce the management cohort to the purpose, importance, and expectations of their given program.

Next, managers participate in skills-based workshops (in person, online, or virtual). These highly interactive programs come with pre- and post-work, and all required component pre-course assessments are included. The Management Training ends with integrative post-training reinforcement activities. This is followed by a group coaching event to ensure knowledge retention and sustainability by incorporating actual on-the-job experiences with coaching notes for continued improvement. Reach out today to learn more.

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Your Questions Answered

What does the Management program process look like?

Our program encompasses three separate levels to match the logical growth in skills and capabilities of a new leader:

Essential Management Skills: Base Camp Level

Foundational skills a manager requires to competently fulfill day-to-day tasks and demands.

Team Development and Communication: Ascent Level

Focus on interpersonal skills necessary for a leader to effectively communicate desired tasks and outcomes with their team, clients, and management.

Leadership Skills: Summit Level

Development of leadership competencies required to be an effective and motivational leader.

Contact NewSummit today to discuss your organization’s needs and get started on reaching higher peaks of success.

What problems can Management Training help me address?

Management Training can be used to address a variety of issues within the workplace, including the following:

  • Disengaged employees
  • Uncommitted workforce
  • Ineffective leaders
  • Poor communication
  • High turnover
  • Poor customer service
Contact NewSummit to learn more about how our Management Training benefits organizations and how our guidance can help your company.
Does NewSummit offer other support services for leadership development?
Yes! At NewSummit we specialize in supporting manager & leadership development. You may be interested in our coaching services, Check Point 360° assessment, and DiSC® management assessment, to name a few. Contact our team today to discuss other services that can benefit your company’s leadership.