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Equip your leaders with the one-on-one coaching they need to achieve company goals and effectively manage teams.

Professional Leadership & Performance Coaching in Denver & Throughout Colorado

At NewSummit Leadership, we approach coaching as an adaptive and collaborative relationship between a coach and leader, tailoring our coaching techniques to the needs of individuals. NewSummit is equipped to use a variety of integrative coaching models and tools for true customization and greater individual success. We meet clients where they are, using an integrated approach to engage, empower and develop leaders to meet and exceed professional and personal goals.  

We offer 3 training modalities:

  • One-on-one performance coaching for management
  • One-on-one professional leadership development coaching 
  • Group coaching (included as part of leadership training programs)

Contact us today to explore these options and discover which method will work best for your organization.

Our Employee Coaching Process

Our coaching process is organized into 3 phases: Understanding, Coaching, and Sustaining. The Understanding phase begins with an introductory period where we spend time getting to know the organization, the leadership team, and the individual(s) that we will support. This includes familiarizing ourselves with existing organizational and personal missions, visions, goals, and pertinent historical details.

The Coaching phase entails regular, scheduled 30-minute to hour-long one-on-one coaching sessions with occasional group sessions as needed. Assessments are leveraged to understand how they respond to team, management, and leadership situations (including during times of conflict). These also provide a greater understanding of how to identify these behavioral tendencies in others, allowing for optimum communication.

At the culmination of our coaching programs, we enter the Sustaining phase. Here, we take some time to work with the client (and their team as appropriate) to set clear goals and practices for sustainability, complete with timelines and designations of who is responsible for reminders, data collection, and milestone tracking. We find that the skills developed in coaching are practices that must be sustained to become habits. Setting up these structures to monitor practices ensures their continuation and leads to the greatest likelihood of the gains made becoming daily habits.

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Our employee training services develop your staff to address the day-to-day challenges holding back your teams.


Become certified to implement DiSC®, Five Behaviors®, and PXT® Select programs in your workplace to enhance workflow.


Identify the strengths, needs, opportunities, and challenges facing your workforce and learn the tools to empower your organization. 

Your Questions Answered

What is One-on-One Performance Coaching for Management?
This type of coaching focuses on tools, techniques, and behaviors critical to succeed in one’s current position. NewSummit’s coaches bring decades of experience in management and leadership development, and based on defined performance standards, will assist to develop your leader into a top performer. Contact NewSummit to learn more.
What is One-on-One Professional Leadership Development Coaching?
Professional development coaching not only focuses on improving and developing competencies required for a current position but also those required for overall career and personal development. PXT® Select is used to assess current job fit as well as other positions the individual aspires to attain. This type of coaching is personal, and NewSummit has multiple resources available to find the best fit for your leadership team. Contact us today to learn more.
How does Group Coaching work at NewSummit?
Group coaching brings a similar community of participants together to begin building institutional knowledge and support. This method is used either as part of a curriculum’s reinforcement and application of skills process or in support of performance coaching. Facilitated by a Professional Coach, the group will review and discuss ways to improve the application of the skill points or performance standards on the job. Contact NewSummit to find out how this can benefit your organization and existing teams.
Does NewSummit offer any tools to support employee coaching?

Yes, in addition to the options we discuss in our Sustaining phase of coaching, we offer 3 primary assessment tools to support leadership development:

  1. The Five Behaviors® for an Effective Team™
    Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni’s international best-seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Five Behaviors® Powered by Everything DiSC® helps teams apply The Five Behaviors® model of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results to drive team effectiveness and productivity. The program uses Everything DiSC®, a tool that helps build effective team communication and relationships, to help participants understand their individual DiSC® style and discover how each style brings value to the team.
  2. PXT® Select Assessment leadership profile and coaching report
    As a comprehensive, “full person” assessment, the PXT® Select assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in an organization by assessing their cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and interests. The job-matching feature of the PXT® Select assessment enables organizations to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to perform a job successfully.
  3. DiSC® Management Assessment
    Participants deepen their understanding of themselves, their direct reports and their own managers using the DiSC® model while learning how their management style influences their approach to decision-making, time management, and problem-solving. Participants walk away with concrete strategies to help them adapt to the styles of their direct reports, enabling them to bring out the best in their people.