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DiSCĀ® Assessments
Create a common language for employees and managers to avoid conflict, promote problem-solving, and better understand themselves & coworkers.

Behavioral Assessments for Professional Development

Mitigate the dysfunctions of a team, reduce turnover, and develop talent in your existing workforce with DiSC® assessment and development tools. The DiSC® personality test is an assessment that offers unique insights for employee evaluation with the express intention of using those insights to improve employee performance and teamwork. In an age where self-awareness and interpersonal skills are more valuable than ever, leverage DiSC® profiles and DiSC® Training as a competitive advantage that sets your company apart.

DiSC Assessments | Professional Development Tools - Everything-DiSC-A-Wiley-Brand-Small


DiSC Assessments | Professional Development Tools - PXTSelect


Access the Everything DiSC® learning platform for impactful, lasting results with employee engagement and development.

  • Personal development 
  • Learn adaptive strategies
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Strengthen collaboration
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DiSC Assessments | Professional Development Tools - Team


Equip your teams to build more effective relationships at work with greater insight to the behaviors and work styles of others. 

  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Overcome challenges
  • Develop communication skills
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DiSC Assessments | Professional Development Tools - 360

Agile EQ

Use the DiSC® model to empower your managers with insights for engaging, motivating, and developing their personnel.

  • Understand management styles
  • Improve directing skills
  • Discover managerial strengths
  • Identify leadership challenges
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DiSC Assessments | Professional Development Tools - Gears(1)


Improve emotional intelligence (“EQ”) in your workforce for better problem solving and smarter, stronger circumstantial solutions.

  • Build adaptive situational responses
  • Craft custom agility strategies
  • Understand your EQ strengths
  • Recognize your EQ potential
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DiSC Assessments | Professional Development Tools - Sales


Train your sales team to respond in real-time to ever-changing customer expectations and preferences.

  • Learn customer buying styles
  • Adapt your sales style
  • Meet customer needs with DiSC®
  • Drive consistency & results
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