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Leadership Events & Professional Workshops

Our leadership training sessions provide companies with a foundation to improve the potential and productivity of their employees. Management training is more than information, it’s about developing leadership skills that build cohesive teams. Realize growth potential and improve team performance with actionable training from NewSummit. Check our calendar below for new information about upcoming workshops, certifications, and webinars.

The Core Skills of Leadership: Transition from a Boss to a Coach

This course consists of two parts: an online portion and a live instruction. Attendees will complete two (2) online courses one week before the live instruction: 1. The Essential Skills of Communication and 2. The Essential Skills of Leadership. Both halves of the course are estimated to each take 45-60 minutes to complete (90-120 minutes combined). The time required to complete the online courses may vary between learners due to time spent reviewing prior course content and every learner’s unique pace and prior knowledge. 

The live instruction will include the following:

  • Introduction to coaching job skills
  • Review of course content and skill development exercises in the Essential Skills of Communication and the Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Skill development and job coaching practice
  • Training new skills and coaching existing ones
  • Morning refreshments provided


Virtual “Transition from a Boss to a Coach” Course Option

This course option includes the same information as “The Core Skills of Leadership: Transition from a Boss to a Coach”. But in addition to Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communication, Coaching Job Skills is also delivered through online instruction, rather than at an in-person session.

This virtual classroom option provides:

  • A half-day session delivered remotely
  • Exclusively focused scenario-based skill development and practice
  • Skills that can be implemented for on-site and remote teams

This session is nationally offered to benefit companies across the country with top-of-the-line practices and industry knowledge. 

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