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Sales Training
Connect with your customers in genuine, valuable ways to improve working relationships and accomplish greater sales goals.

Develop Customer Relationships in Denver & Throughout Colorado

In today’s competitive landscape, sales professionals must be knowledgeable about their organization’s products and services, as well as those of their customers. Focusing on the customer—knowing and understanding their needs and wants—is critical to a successful sales relationship. Customers want salespeople to understand their needs and help them achieve their specific goals and objectives.

Our Sales program implements Customer-Oriented Selling (COS). COS teaches your salespeople to be responsive consultants—individuals sincerely interested in helping your customers achieve their business objectives using your products and services. COS is a method that teaches consultative processes for developing understanding and agreement between the customer and your salespeople throughout the sales process. It’s a logical, nonmanipulative approach that produces real results by developing proven selling skills.

Accomplish Your Sales Goals

Everything DiSC® Sales puts the power of the Everything DiSC® model into the hands of salespeople. It provides a dynamic, adaptable tool for learning how to create customer-centric interactions that deliver improved results. Sales-specific content, modular facilitation tools, and online tailoring features deliver an easy-to-customize development solution. Using these solutions can help employees find new strategies for stretching beyond their natural preferences to make the selling process more productive and successful—regardless of the customer’s unique buying style.

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This program can be delivered over 1, 2, or 3 days. Participants will:

  • Learn to determine the customer’s objectives and situational factors
  • Understand and use the key customer-focused communication skills
  • Prepare for and learn from each sales call through pre- and post-call analysis
  • Conduct sales calls using a proven four-phase customer-focused sales process
  • Effectively handle obstacles without feeling uncomfortable or adversarial
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Your Questions Answered

Does NewSummit offer other tools to support sales team development?
Yes! Consider our personalized sales Coaching services or PXT® Select. As a comprehensive, “full person” analysis, the PXT® Select assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in an organization by assessing their cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and interests. PXT® Select will create a Sales Coaching report which contains an individual’s assessment results, as well as coaching tips about how they may approach different aspects of a sales position.
What topics does Sales Training cover?

Our sales training program includes the following critical topics:

  • Questioning techniques
  • Selling skills A-Z
  • General sales skills
  • Conducting great online demos and sales calls
  • Predictable revenue

Contact NewSummit to learn more about course offerings and customization options.

What do participants get out of this course?

Participants will discover their own DiSC® style, equipping them to recognize the priorities, personal strengths, and challenges that shape their sales interactions with others. 

They will also explore other DiSC® styles: learning to understand the differences and similarities among DiSC® buying styles, recognizing the behaviors unique to each style, and identifying new ways to find common ground with all types of customers.

Learners will also create a plan of action to get more out of the sales process and deliver better bottom-line results.

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