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Developing the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that are vital to an organization’s success.

Professional Development & Leadership With Our Business Management in Denver, CO

NewSummit is on a mission to provide the best organizational and personnel development services for impactful, real-time results and meaningful company growth. We use state-of-the-art tools, assessments, training methods, and coaching techniques to develop a culture of respect, reciprocity, and people-focused performance. Our strategy is focused on implementing tactical knowledge skills and behaviors that turn new hires, existing employees, and high potential/frontline managers into stronger, more capable teams.

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Meet the leaders and educators dedicated to improving your workforce and actualizing your company’s potential. The expertise and passion of our leadership motivate our pursuit of better client outcomes.

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Use these tools to retain the right talent and to learn more about the needs and skills of your existing team. Our assessments provide the developmental foundation required for your company’s greater success.

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CEO / Founder
Allen Dunkle

At NewSummit, it’s our goal to help clients by continually elevating performance beyond expectations. We value our roles as teachers, coaches, and stakeholders in our clients’ successes.

A common occurrence for mountaineers is to scale a peak assuming it is the pinnacle of the mountain, only to discover the summit is still higher. This leads to frustration and feelings of failure as the task ahead seems even more daunting and unreachable. NewSummit turns these challenges into opportunities by equipping companies with the tools and resources they need to strengthen their workforces.

Our top-of-the-line methodology makes it possible for your organization to engage employees and reach new heights of productivity. Led by experienced executive staff, NewSummit offers combined decades of experience in diverse industries, making it possible to better understand and empower our clients. Contact us today for your personalized course development.

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