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Organizational DEI Analysis
A unique process and planning tool to shape your organization from the top down.

Empower Workforce with Our DEI Assessment Tool Throughout Colorado

An organization is only as effective as its employees, and to work effectively, employees need  an environment and culture that fosters Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI). When companies fail to curate such a workplace culture, it inherently leads to lower morale, miscommunication, and loss of talent and productivity. 

To determine whether or not your organization is achieving its DEI goals, NewSummit offers Organizational DEI Analysis, a comprehensive tool to assess your company’s culture. This process outlines strengths and challenges within your organization, opportunities and goals for future consideration, and the feasibility of various DEI implementation plans and options. As a tool, DEI Assessment equips your organization to support all employees, regardless of who they are or where they come from, with a fair and equitable environment to work in. This both ensures greater employee comfort and productivity, and helps reduce the risk of liable situations developing.

Development Through DEI Assessment

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The initial Assessment Phase typically includes four concurrent assessment processes, each complete with preliminary reports, action items, consistent communication, and recommendations. Before we begin our assessment processes, we hold several meetings to coordinate and collaborate with HR representatives and leaders to align on purpose and goals. 

As the Assessment & Goals phase commences, we will meet every other week with the newly-assembled DEI Project Team to update progress and maintain alignment. Additionally, we will schedule meetings with members of this team to support the assessment process as many elements require internal knowledge of the organization’s policies, practices, and procedures. Your DEI development process will be uniquely tailored to your organization. 

At the end of our three-month assessment, your organization will have complete organizational assessment results with an Implementation Plan complete with clearly delineated and prioritized goals and action plans with benchmarks and progress monitors, essentially a Comprehensive DEI Roadmap that can be used to drive and inform subsequent phases of your DEI initiatives.

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Your Questions Answered

What does DEI mean?
DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which are key concepts in creating a workplace or organization where everyone feels welcomed, included, empowered, and supported to contribute to their fullest potential. DEI programs ensure your company is meeting the needs of your employees and creating a more cohesive and successful organization.
How does the DEI Assessment Tool work?

The Organizational Assessment and Planning Tool is the foundational tool we use in our assessment. It measures an organization’s current efforts, capacity, and structural preparedness to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. This tool was designed by our team to assist organizations in building a Comprehensive DEI Roadmap (Implementation Plan), complete with prioritization of efforts and comprehensive progress monitoring. 

The Organizational Assessment is used initially to establish a metric of current DEI efforts and infrastructure and eventually becomes a living document for ongoing planning and tracking of DEI efforts, as well as a central housing document for all DEI initiatives. This is a tool that can be used in perpetuity to support the cultural growth of any organization. 

To learn more about our process and potential outcomes, get in touch with the NewSummit team today.

What are The Five Domains?

The assessment consists of 5 Domains (Foundation, Infrastructure, Culture, People, and Community), ordered to support a systematic approach for planning and implementation of DEI goals. Each Domain consists of four to six Elements, each measured along a five-stage rubric, enabling users to evaluate current progress as well as plan and monitor next steps. The rubric-style design allows organizations to rate themselves on a scale with clear indicators of how to progress to the next Stage. To the right of each Element is a space to record dates of assessment, notes on progress, action plans, celebrations, and areas of needed growth. 

As this work is a journey, not a destination, organizations may find themselves progressing or regressing within various domains over time or jumping between Stages; it is not necessary to move through each subsequent stage on the continuum. The completion of this assessment is a collaborative process between our team and your organization. Get in touch with NewSummit to learn how we work with you to objectively evaluate each Domain and Element, identify and prioritize the next steps, and develop your own customized Comprehensive DEI Roadmap.