Training Programs for Instructors

Train-the-Trainer Workshops:Our Tools, Your Talent

The 2-day Train-the-Trainer workshop qualifies individuals to conduct any of the 12 instructor-led classes of the Essentials in Leadership series. This workshop includes interactive activities, skill development exercises, and practice presentations. The individual will use behaviors that develop the Trainer competencies to create a safe learning environment, manage group process and time, handle classroom situations, and achieve the objectives of the class.

This workshop is ideal for:

  1. Companies with existing instructor resources, coaches, or a talent pool that can be utilized
  2. Companies with a desire to keep leadership training "in-house"
  3. Ability to leverage existing management team to teach the courses


An individual completing this Train-the-Trainer workshop will possess the skills and tools necessary to competently and confidently conduct any of the 12 Essentials in Leadership series instructor-led classes.


  1. To be able to present and facilitate a complete instructor-led class of the Essentials in Leadership series.
  2. To be able to demonstrate awareness and appropriate use of the behaviors associated with the competencies of effective facilitation.
  3. To be able to use brain-based facilitation skills to create learner autonomy while maintaining a positive and safe learning environment.
  4. To be able to coach and provide feedback to reinforce skills or increase knowledge in a manner that demonstrates awareness and respect of the recipient’s best interests.
  5. To be able to receive feedback for improvement from others in a manner that demonstrates openness and receptivity.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1:

  • Basic facilitation competencies
  • The facilitator's role
  • Handling the classroom
  • Time management
  • Skills practice

Day 2:

  • Review and practicing from Day 1
  • Training on Leadership Essentials content and courses
  • Facilitation presentation / review and feedback
  • Classroom tips and tricks
  • Workshop summary