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Who We Are
New Summit was founded in the passionate belief that maximum human potential is achieved through education and empowerment. Our leadership team are all executive leaders and business owners who have not only risen from the ranks, but understand the challenges facing new managers and their organizations and are experts at solving them.
The Core Skills of Leadership – A Blended Learning Training Event
The way, reason, and how we work is changing. Gallup has found that 47% of employees received feedback from their managers only a few times a year, and only 26% strongly agree that this feedback was helpful. This lack of communication, poor management, and low employee engagement is estimated to cost companies over a trillion dollars in lost productivity.
Put An End To Uncommitted Workforces: Boost Employee Loyalty To Foster Growth
Rarely do uncommitted employees make an investment to improve their personal or team performance. As a result, you face low employee retention and a lack of loyal team members.

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