Agility Unlocked: Revealing the Connection Between Agility and Emotional Intelligence

The more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous our
working environments become, the more critical a truly agile
workforce is to success. Yet, staying agile demands that people
develop and use their emotional intelligence (EQ)—a level of
sophistication that has never been demanded before.

A common approach to emotional intelligence training
and development is through EQ appraisals—most of which
offer an individual a measure of their emotional intelligence
at that moment in time. But it’s one thing to have insight
into your emotional intelligence; it’s another to use that
information to grow and enhance your impact at work. And
it’s still another to scale it across the enterprise to drive
organizational performance. The question becomes: How do
organizations develop the emotional intelligence necessary
to support what they need most: a thriving agile culture?

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