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Custom Content:Designed Around Your Brand and Your Instructional Needs

Delivering the learning when, where, and how for retention and improved job performance are the primary considerations when developing any learning solution. Whether blended, mobile, virtual, augmented, in-person or online classrooms, or in what language the learner requires, the NewSummit team has the expertise to tackle any requirement.

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This solution is right for you if:

  • The content is specific and unique to your company, such as a product or service offer.
  • The current off-the-shelf course options are not quite sufficient. This is either due to the courses being too general, or that there are processes, content, or other items specific to your needs that must be included.
  • The technology required is something new to your current team. Let our team develop the processes, templates, and initial courseware using the latest technology, all while we assist your team in getting up to speed.
  • You need help with the volume of work, or help with seasonal spikes in work that your current Instructional Design and Development team cannot fully address. Our teams have seamlessly integrated with client teams to augment their current staff. We can help with maintenance assignments, one-off or small projects requiring non-standard technology, all the way to a complete stand-alone team supporting your training needs.

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Instructional Designers often miss this critical but simple step to ensure their design meets the needs of the learners. In this article, learn the importance of observing the class you created.

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We can elevate your current training materials with multi-media tools, create a new library of materials, or customize any of NewSummit’s leadership training materials to ensure optimal engagement from your employees.

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